Best Hair Extensions for Wavy Hair

Dark Brown Wavy Hair Client Before and After NBR Hair Extensions Installed by Samantha at Veil Of Grace Salon

Best Hair Extensions for Wavy Hair

Jessica found Samantha while searching on Yelp!  How awesome is that.  After coming across Veil Of Grace’s NBR client photos, Jessica had to know more about the process of Natural Beaded Rows. She was used to wearing tape in extensions but hated that the fact that she could never wear her hair up at the gym because the visibility of them.

Jessica decided a bit more research was in order and started to follow Samantha’s instagram page (@samantha.veilofgrace) . Once she saw a video of how an NBR client’s hair looked when separated, without any sign of the extension wefts, she was sold!  After a quick consult over the phone, Jessica visited Samantha at Veil Of Grace salon so Samantha could asses her hair in person.  Jessica had a natural s-wave pattern and curly texture to her hair.  Determining the natural pattern and texture of a client’s hair is extremely important when deciding on the perfect hair extension product.  Without matching properly, the hair extensions will not blend seamlessly.

In order to emulate Jessica’s natural curls,  Samantha decided to install a mix of a body wave hair weft with a curly s-wave pattern hair weft.  The great part about the extensions is they can also be styled straight.  So now Jessica has options; to rock her natural curly hair or smooth everything out for a sleek look.  Check out her before and after photos below!



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