These Two’s Chemistry is More Than Science

These Two’s Chemistry is More Than Science

Well if you didn’t already guess from the title, these two high school science partners solved the ultimate chemistry problem, love!  As Kelly recalls, her fiance Logan crushed on her for his entire high school career before asking her out.  Now that is what I call a slow reaction rate.  Okay enough with the chemistry references, I’m sure science class wasn’t your favorite either.  Back to story.

It was New Years Eve on a beautiful Southern California night, and unlike me, a mother of two, Kelly and Logan were on a boat in Marina del Rey to celebrate the big night in style.  (I hope my husband reads this, maybe he could learn something from Logan here!).  Not only was this one of the coolest spots in the world to catch the fireworks, this was also the spot where Logan took Kelly for lunch on their very first date.  Now I know why their married, Logan is a real catch!  I think you can sea where this is going…Logan got down on one knee to ask Kelly to be his first mate for life.

When we caught up with Kelly after she tied the knot, we asked her a couple questions about her big day.  The one answer that really touched us was her description of her first look.  I’ll let Kelly tell this one,

“My favorite part of my wedding day was turning the first corner down the aisle and seeing Logan’s face. He was in tears in about 1.2 seconds and made me feel like I was an angel or something.  In Logan’s words he said it was like he felt and saw his whole world walking towards him and he couldn’t hold in tears because of how beautiful and grateful he was that this was his life.”
I mean if that doesn’t pull on your heart strings you need to see the doctor!  That is so freakin sweet.  I just love hearing brides describe their wedding day.  It’s one thing for us to see their excitement during the wedding prep but another to hear them share all the intimate moments we didn’t get a chance to see.  For more information on the Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team, including service pricing and wedding date availability, please fill out our contact form by clicking the “Book Your Wedding” button below.  We look forward to being an important part of your special day!  
Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team

Bridal Airbrush Makeup: Jessica Janeen | Bridal Hairstyling: Jamie

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Photography: Carrie Vines

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