NBR Hair Extensions Installation Technique

NBR Hair Extensions Installation Technique by Samantha at Veil Of Grace Salon

NBR Hair Extensions Installation Technique

I had a new hair extension client come into the salon this past week who was wearing an alternative extension method known as “sewn in”.  Unfortunately with this method, the client had a number of problems: damage to the integrity of her natural hair, low quality hair extension product that was falling apart and worst of all the hair extensions did NOT blend into her own hair!  With so many problems, I was shocked when I heard what the client had paid. All stylists know that hair extensions are a serious investment for clients, so it really bothers me when I see such poor service.

To show you what a certified NBR (Natural Beaded Rows) hair extension specialist can do to help you achieve your hair goals, check out the photos below!  As you can see in the photo on the left the “sewn in” client’s hair extension wefts were not secured properly and not custom colored to match the client’s natural hair.

When you compare the “sewn in” client on the left to the NBR client pictured on the right, the difference is clear!  The NBR hair extension wefts are securely attached, with no damage the natural hair, and the custom color blend still looks seamless after nine weeks of growth.


To get started on your Natural Beaded Rows Extensions fill out the link below. Samantha, Veil Of Grace salon owner and certified NBR hair extension specialist, can’t wait to meet you and give you the hair of your dreams!

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