NBR Hair Extensions for Long Red Hair

Red Hair Client Before and After NBR Hair Extensions Installed by Samantha at Veil Of Grace Salon

NBR Hair Extensions for Long Red Hair

Teresa came to me looking to not only fix her hair color but try and nurse her previously damaged hair back to life.  Teresa’s overly processed hair was no longer strong enough to withstand her old hair extension method.  It was definitely time to brighten up her faded out copper hair color and invest in a no-damage hair extension method.

My assistant and I added a few baby-lights to break up her darker boxed died hair color and reglazed her with a rich vibrant copper hue.  We installed two rows of 18″ NBR extensions.  This helped fill in the gaps she had within her length and even thickened up her hair.  Who doesn’t love thick, full hair?  Her extensions were custom colored to help give that seem-less blend with her new copper hair color that we did.  Check out these amazing before and after photos.  This is making me want to go back to being a red head!

To get started on your Natural Beaded Rows Extensions fill out your application through the link below. Samantha, Veil Of Grace salon owner and certified NBR hair extension specialist, can’t wait to meet you and give you the hair of your dreams!

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