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Hair extensions are the perfect way to add immediate volume and length


Veil Of Grace Salon Hairstylists are proud to offer you a variety of hair extension techniques; from NBR to hand-tied, i-tip, micro bead, machine weft, SO.CAP. and DreamCatchers to name a few!


If this is your first time wearing hair extensions, welcome to the party!  Each hairstylist typically has a preferred hair extension technique based on years of experience.  If you are unsure of which technique is right for you, please ask your hairstylist to outline the differences before deciding.  Differences can include but are not limited to comfort, maintenance, installation and price.  During your complimentary hair extension consultation, your hairstylist will help guide you towards their preferred technique for your desired look and budget.


Depending on your lifestyle, the 100% human hair extension product can last anywhere between 3 to 6 months before it will need to be replaced.  As you can imagine, the rougher you are on your hair extensions the sooner they will show their age.  Adjusting the extensions, or tightening, due to hair growth is typically done every 6 to 8 weeks.


Complimentary hair extension consultations are offered and encouraged


Your initial consultation is your opportunity to discuss all of your hair goals, maintenance and price questions.  To book your hair extension consultation now, click the “book your appointment” button below.

Yelp Review

"What an amazing gem in Santa Clarita! I had a terrible experience at another salon with my extensions and came across this salon. Everyone is extremely kind, and do an amazing job."

Constance W., Tustin, CA

Veil Of Grace Salon Hair Extensions Review

Constance W., Tustin, CA

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