Brookview Ranch Wedding High School Sweethearts

Brookview Ranch Wedding High School Sweethearts

Do you remember your high school prom?  The movies love to immortalize this event as a teenage right of passage.  For some, prom was a forgettable awkward dance but for a lucky few prom was the night they met their future husbands.  Now that is a Hollywood story I can curl up on the couch to cry to. So what better way to tell Lauren’s pivotal prom moment than a poorly written screenplay haha.  Humor me, this is my first and maybe my only attempt!

INT. LA FITNESS GYM – DAY (Lauren, Kamran)

We pan across the gym as Kamran throws down the barbell with a loud thud.  Lauren, upon hearing the thud over her music, stops the treadmill, removes her headphones and looks for the person making the scene.  


(to herself)

Why are guys so loud at the gym?  

Their neon shirt and shoes aren’t loud enough!

Oh, it’s Kamran.  Act natural.

Kamran looks across the gym to see if anyone was watching.  He catches Lauren’s gaze by surprise and casually approaches her treadmill.


Hey Lauren.  What’s up? Didn’t know you worked out here.  


(flirty awkward pause)

Haha what’s that supposed to mean.



Oh nothing, I mean you look great, like you don’t need to work out.  

Hey, Ashley told me Eric ghosted you for prom.  

Are you still going to go?


Yeah I guess, I mean I don’t know.  You?


I wasn’t going to go.  But…if you’re still up for it, maybe I could take you.



Um…yeah…I mean yes.  That would be cool.


Okay, so full disclosure I might have fictionalized the actual facts of this event but the truth is Lauren actually met her husband, Kamran, at the gym during her senior year of high school.  Her original prom date fell through, Kamran stepped up and the rest is history.    

So now that Lauren is a married woman and successfully survived the wedding process, we asked her to share some sage advice for other future brides.  In her own words:

“If I could give future brides any advice, it would be to just soak up all of the pre wedding time. It is such a special and unique time, where you get to see and spend time with so many loved ones during a bunch of different occasions (engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette, rehearsal and actual wedding.) Many times, all of these people will never all be together in the same place again  and to just really soak up that special time with them! Also… don’t stress yourself out about the tiny details, no one will notice the small things that went wrong! Also… choose Veil of Grace!”

Is it just me or is the last piece of advice the most important!  For more information on the Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team, including service pricing and wedding date availability, please fill out our contact form by clicking the “Book Your Wedding” button below.  We look forward to being an important part of your special day!  

Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team

Bridal Airbrush Makeup: Magali | Bridal Hairstyling: Paulina

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Laura Moll | Venue: Brookview Ranch, Agora Hills, CA

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