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Isn’t it nice to see couples pushing the normal boundaries of engagement photo sessions.  I love this location choice for these two lovebirds.  Make sure you choose a place that encapsulates your story.  If you and your fiance freakin love Disneyland, then guess what, you should shoot your engagement session there.  Don’t head to the beach, or a random field, if those places don’t mean anything to you and your story.  Don’t be afraid to be you!



Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team

Photoshoot Airbrush Makeup: Magali | Photoshoot Hairstyling: Paulina


Photography: Emily Magers

  • Isn’t it nice to see couples pushing the normal boundaries of engagement photo sessions.  I love this location choice for these two lovebirds.  Make sure you choose a place that encapsulates your story.  If you and your fiance fr...

  • It’s hard to believe but I completed the Master Program at Make-up Designory (MUD) in Burbank, CA over 11 years ago.  When I came back from makeup school I was renting a station at my previous salon.  No one in the salon was doing makeup at tha...

  • As spring welcomes new life, it also welcomes new love.  As a fellow lover of spring time wedding celebrations, I am particularly smitten with Brittany’s choice of season.  Standing against the vibrant colors of new flowers in bloom t...

It’s hard to believe but I completed the Master Program at Make-up Designory (MUD) in Burbank, CA over 11 years ago.  When I came back from makeup school I was renting a station at my previous salon.  No one in the salon was doing makeup at that time so I asked the owner if I could begin to offer my new makeup services.  He agreed and it was a match made in heaven.  Not only was I growing my hair clientele at the time, but I was also perfecting the specialized beauty technique of airbrushing makeup.  In the early days, I started out doing makeup for high school girls attending the local proms.  Every year they would come back to me for hair and makeup services.  I began to be referred to their friends and younger siblings as the years went by.  As I began to refine my beauty craft, I slowly started to book bridal clients.  Eventually I stumbled upon Wedding Wire and The Knot, which are the leading wedding vendor platforms for soon to be brides, and I put myself out there as they say.  I created my first free vendor profile with what little portfolio pictures I had and sure enough local brides found me!

In the beginning I made a lot of mistakes to be perfectly honest.  I did not have any formal business training, so I was literally learning how to run a bridal business on the fly.  As I started to get busier, I invested in my self and decide to pay to be seen on the professional wedding vendor platforms.  The increased exposure was an early blessing but presented a new inevitable problem.  I couldn’t single handedly provide services to an entire wedding party.  I’m good but no one wants to feel rushed, or worse have to wake up at 4:00 A.M. to start services.  As I began to receive inquires for my services than I couldn’t handle, I knew I had to get reliable help ASAP!

With my fellow artist’s talents growing year over year on the team, I knew I had to brand myself differently.  It was time to transition from “I” to “We.”  I decided to rebrand my business and remove my personal name.  Looking back it was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.  Of course adding artists to the team presents its own set of challenges.  Nothing is ever perfect the first go around.  Over the last four years, the Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team has grown to 17 artists!  We now offer services in San Diego, Orange County, Temecula, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Ventura County and Santa Barbara.

I hope you enjoy all the Veil Of Grace Bridal website has to offer.  Be sure to check out our published weddings, five star bridal reviews and all our past brides portfolios.  To book your bridal trial and reserve your wedding date, please fill out the contact form by clicking the button below.  We look forward to being apart of your special day!
  • Isn’t it nice to see couples pushing the normal boundaries of engagement photo sessions.  I love this location choice for these two lovebirds.  Make sure you choose a place that encapsulates your story.  If you and your fiance fr...

  • It’s hard to believe but I completed the Master Program at Make-up Designory (MUD) in Burbank, CA over 11 years ago.  When I came back from makeup school I was renting a station at my previous salon.  No one in the salon was doing makeup at tha...

  • As spring welcomes new life, it also welcomes new love.  As a fellow lover of spring time wedding celebrations, I am particularly smitten with Brittany’s choice of season.  Standing against the vibrant colors of new flowers in bloom t...

As spring welcomes new life, it also welcomes new love.  As a fellow lover of spring time wedding celebrations, I am particularly smitten with Brittany’s choice of season.  Standing against the vibrant colors of new flowers in bloom this beautiful VOG bride is an ethereal princess.  I’m sure her husband agrees as he can’t seem to stop smiling.  Congratulations you two!

Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team

Bridal Airbrush Makeup and Hair: Samantha | Bridal Party MUAH: Sarah, Jen

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Rebecca Theresa Photography | Venue: Rancho De Las Palmas, Moorpark, CA

  • Isn’t it nice to see couples pushing the normal boundaries of engagement photo sessions.  I love this location choice for these two lovebirds.  Make sure you choose a place that encapsulates your story.  If you and your fiance fr...

  • It’s hard to believe but I completed the Master Program at Make-up Designory (MUD) in Burbank, CA over 11 years ago.  When I came back from makeup school I was renting a station at my previous salon.  No one in the salon was doing makeup at tha...

  • As spring welcomes new life, it also welcomes new love.  As a fellow lover of spring time wedding celebrations, I am particularly smitten with Brittany’s choice of season.  Standing against the vibrant colors of new flowers in bloom t...

More often that not I picture myself and my husband in these photos.  I remember how excited we were to share these intoxicating moments of love with our family and friends.  I guess that’s the reason to schedule these engagement sessions.  To capture these feelings; these seminal moments of your life and relationship.  I hope you too stop to think about your relationship with your partner, whatever stage it may be in, as you enjoy these photos.
Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team

 Photoshoot Airbrush Makeup: Magali | Photoshoot Hairstyling: Paulina


Photography: Emily Magers

  • Isn’t it nice to see couples pushing the normal boundaries of engagement photo sessions.  I love this location choice for these two lovebirds.  Make sure you choose a place that encapsulates your story.  If you and your fiance fr...

  • It’s hard to believe but I completed the Master Program at Make-up Designory (MUD) in Burbank, CA over 11 years ago.  When I came back from makeup school I was renting a station at my previous salon.  No one in the salon was doing makeup at tha...

  • As spring welcomes new life, it also welcomes new love.  As a fellow lover of spring time wedding celebrations, I am particularly smitten with Brittany’s choice of season.  Standing against the vibrant colors of new flowers in bloom t...

I didn’t know Veil Of Grace was featured in California Bride Magazine. We weren’t…yet! This photo definitely deserves to grace the pages of your coffee table coaster. I’m sure the vendors below agree with me! Show them some love, take a minute to check out their website for more gorgeous photos of Erika’s wedding and many more.

Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team

Bridal Airbrush Makeup and Hair: Samantha

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Taylor Kinzie Photography | Wedding Planner: Salt and Sparrow | Venue: Westlake Village Inn, CA

  • Isn’t it nice to see couples pushing the normal boundaries of engagement photo sessions.  I love this location choice for these two lovebirds.  Make sure you choose a place that encapsulates your story.  If you and your fiance fr...

  • It’s hard to believe but I completed the Master Program at Make-up Designory (MUD) in Burbank, CA over 11 years ago.  When I came back from makeup school I was renting a station at my previous salon.  No one in the salon was doing makeup at tha...

  • As spring welcomes new life, it also welcomes new love.  As a fellow lover of spring time wedding celebrations, I am particularly smitten with Brittany’s choice of season.  Standing against the vibrant colors of new flowers in bloom t...

Picture yourself as an college freshman from New York studying abroad in London.  While some of you could easily acclimate to this setting, I on the other hand didn’t leave California until I was almost 23!  This was not the case for our adventurous bride Sarah, who met her husband abroad and convinced him to follow his heart across the pond.

We asked Sarah to share her unique love story with the Veil Of Grace family, so without further ado here is Sarah’s story in her own words.

“Alex and I met my freshman year of college. I was studying abroad in London at the time. I was a huge fan of the TV show Supernatural and heard that there was going to be a convention for fans in the area. None of my friends at school wanted to go with me, so I ended up meeting some people online who would be going. The first night of the event we were walking to register and the girls I’d come with kept talking about some friend they called ‘Captain’. I thought that sounded like a ridiculous nickname but I was curious to meet this person. As we came into the building someone came bounding over to greet us. He gave hugs to the other girls then turned to me and said, in a gorgeous Scottish accent, “You must be the American.” That was the first time I met Alex. We had a great time that weekend and went on to build a friendship before we eventually started dating long distance, him in Scotland and me in New York.

At the time we were still in a long distance relationship. He was visiting California to meet my family for the first time and spend Christmas with us. For Christmas, he gave me a Cryptex; a small puzzle box with a five letter password that I would have to figure out to get my gift. He started me off with one clue but I hadn’t put it together yet. After the holiday we made plans to drive out to Vegas because Alex had never been and I love it there. The first night we had a beautiful dinner at a fancy steakhouse and my parents both gave him the seal of approval. After dinner my parents went to bed and we went to spend some time out on the strip. We ended up in front of the fountains at the Bellagio during one of the shows. I had the puzzle box with me, and there on the strip he gave me the last clue and I figured it out. I opened the box and out popped a beautiful ring. He proposed, and I said yes. :)”

We also asked Sarah to share any advice she had for future brides.  I think you’ll agree, the best advice for anything is trust your gut and follow your heart!

“Be true to yourself! Everyone around you will have a lot of opinions on what your day ‘should’ be like. It is good to take advice, but at the end of the day you and your future spouse should always do what is right for the two of you, not anyone else. This definitely applies to your hair and makeup!”

What a beautiful woman and memorable story.  Congratulations you two, we wish you all the best!



Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team

Bridal Airbrush Makeup: Magali | Bridal Hairstyling: Jennifer

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Eric Killingsworth Photography | Coordination: Tricia Dahlgren Events | Venue: Newhall Mansion, Piru, CA

     Believe it or not but Amanda and her fiancé met on a reality show of all things!  No they weren’t contestants on Bachelor In Paradise; “Let me stop you there Chris Harrison.”  They were filming a show in Fairhope, Alabama and bonded over their Southern California roots.  When your in the middle of nowhere, I’m pretty sure talking about SoCal’s best in the world sunsets and mind numbing traffic can really bring two people closer.
     After dating for about five years, Andrew wrapped up the most expensive Christmas present he’s ever bought.  There is no doubt about that, I saw the ring.  Damn!  I know what your thinking, Christmas morning…really?  He did it on Jesus’s birthday?  I’m sure Andrew had no intention of upstaging the sanctity of Christmas, he is just a thoughtful family man.  Christmas was the only time all the family members were together and consequently the most perfect time to pop the question!
     After she opened all her presents and said YES of course, Amanda began planning her wedding.  Forget New Years Eve, she had a wedding to plan and time was of the essence.  A natural DIY’er (not sure that’s a real word), Amanda began sourcing her wedding vendors and creating her decorations.  For the all important bridal beauty team Amanda knew there was only one choice, Samantha and the Veil Of Grace Team.  Full disclosure here, Amanda has known Samantha, the owner of Veil Of Grace, for a number of years so the choice was an absolute no brainer.
     The wedding day went off without a hitch;  all the services were completed ahead of schedule.  Nothing makes a bride more stressed than the all important wedding day timeline.  The timeline is to be respected, studied and executed with precision.  If Brittany’s eyelashes take 30 minutes when they were supposed to take 20, “Houston we have a problem.”  Relaxation is the name of the game and Samantha and her team have an undefeated record.
     When the room cleared of hairspray, Amanda and was ready to see her Andrew for the first time that day.  There are no words than can accurately describe the “first look” with your fiancé.  So I honestly can’t even try to explain how Amanda was feeling; that moment is something unsaid between them.  A moment just for them.
     A couple weeks later we asked Amanda if she had any advice for brides looking for wedding hair and makeup services and she was happy to share this, “For future Brides, I think the best advice I could give is hire a coordinator the day of, so you can just relax and not think about everything that needs to be done. Take 5 minutes at the beginning of the day to your self- get your mind cleared and just have fun. Veil of Grace is so professional and seriously were ahead of schedule by 30 minutes or more most of the day. Helps to relax when you have that kind of team around you.”
Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team
Airbrush Bridal Makeup and Hair: Samantha | Bridal Party MUAH: Ali
Wedding Vendors
Photography: Katie Palin | Venue: Firestone Vineyard, Los Olivos, CA

This is just screams quintessential California beach wedding in the best way!  The photographer Gabriel Conover captured the essence of Ali’s big day perfectly.  I absolutely love the color tone of these photos and the use of natural light.  The photo of Ali alone on the beach with the sun setting at her back is a front runner for one of my all time favorite.  Well I could go on and on about how smitten I am with these beautiful images but you probably stopped reading two sentences ago!  I hope you enjoy these behind the scene photos.  For more, check out our airbrush makeup and bridal hairstyling portfolios.



Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team

Airbrush Bridal Makeup: Rosy | Bridal Party MUAH:  Phoebe, Vanessa

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Gabriel Conover | Style + Coordination: Laurel Street Events | Florals: TBD San Diego | Venue: Scripps Seaside Forum, La Jolla, CA

Danielle and her husband met at their first job, The Coffee Kiosk on Lyons Ave to be exact.  Nothing sparks true love like a 5:00 A.M shift on Saturday morning fighting over who has the clean the coffee machine.  Can’t you just picture the chemistry, two young adults with way too early caffeine addictions, daydreaming about ways to get outside the Santa Clarita bubble.  Sounds like a Hollywood script to me!

We asked Danielle to share what she enjoyed most about planning her wedding.  I’m sure there is more than a few of you that can relate.  “Wedding planning sucks.  The day was awesome though and getting married was super rad.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself Danielle, couldn’t have said it better.

Check out these amazing photos of one of the coolest brides Veil Of Grace has every had the pleasure of meeting!


Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team

Bridal Airbrush Makeup: Magali | Bridal Hairstyling: Jamie | Bridal Party MUAH: Ali

Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Becca Rillo | Venue: Agua Dulce Winery

There is something so timeless about Morgan’s wedding day choices.  From her simple curl style down hair and bold eyeliner to her beautiful long flowing veil, Morgan looked simply angelic.  I absolutely love lace long sleeves on wedding dresses.  Like Morgan, I too choose a similar BHLDN dress to say my vows in.  I don’t know what it is but long sleeve dresses seem to create this aura of classical elegance.


Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team

Bridal Airbrush Makeup: Sarah | Bridal Hairstyling: Paulina

Wedding Vendors

Wedding Planner: Jenelle Kagey | Venue: North Ranch Country Club, Thousand Oaks, CA

Brianne and her husband Ryan went to the same high school, although this is not a high school sweat heart story.  Plot twist – Brianne was in college while Ryan was busy pinning her younger brother on the high school wrestling team.  Admiring Ryan’s muscles from the stands was Brianne’s first introduction, but certainly not her last.

Years later, when Brianne’s brother was back in town visiting, guess who else was in town?  As Brianne recalls they both ended up at the same place at the same time and the rest was history.  Sounds like a bit of fate to me.  Or Brianne’s brother needs to change his career to matchmaker!

As Brianne and Ryan passed the years dating it was finally time to make it official.  In early 2015 Ryan hinted that this was going to be the year of the proposal.  I’m sure you can see where this is going; our prince charming waited until the strike of midnight, as the last few seconds of 2015 were counting down, to take the ceremonial knee and pop that all important question – “Will you marry me?”  This is such a guy thing to do, am I right ladies?  Literally they wait until the last freakin minute to uphold their promise haha.

When the wedding planning started to ramp up, Brianne found particular enjoyment in sourcing her vendors.  Meticulously vetting each wedding specialist; ensuring that each one connected with Ryan and her vision of their special day.  With so much research and planning, it was another strike of fate that Brianne found The Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team at a wedding vendor showcase at Wolf Creek Brewery.  I mean what a great idea, relax and enjoy some good beer while casually meeting potential vendors.  The times have really changed from the days of stuffy, traditional showcases where your held prisoner in your hotel conference room seat, anxiously waiting for the cheesy event to end.

Having made it through the wedding process successfully, Brianne wanted to share a few helpful tips for future brides.  “Seeking advice from family and friends can seem like an easy and helpful solution when you are unsure of what to do. But, just remember, at the end of the day …it’s your wedding day. Try not to let too many others influence or sway you from your ideas and dreams. It can get overwhelming trying to please everyone, but the only ones you have to please are you and your future person!”

Now that’s some sage advice we all need to hear and repeat to ourselves throughout the experience.  Thanks Brianne for sharing your story.  Congratulations to you and Ryan!

Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team

Bridal Airbrush Makeup & Hairstyling: Samantha

Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Burgundy Blue | Venue: The Newhall Mansion, Piru, CA

To learn more about Krystle’s love story and her wedding experience, we asked her a few questions.  I think the answers and photos tell the story of an amazing couple and an awesome wedding celebration.  Thanks Krystle for choosing the Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team for airbrush makeup services.  Congratulations again to your and your husband!
1. How did you and your husband meet?
Jonathan and I met in Kindergarten, we were 5 years old.  I cried every day and he made sure to try to comfort me: sometimes he carried my backpack, other times he held my hand.  Nothing helped, I cried every day through the third grade. We became the best of friends, he asked me to be his girlfriend about three times. Each time I said no. We finally started dating our Jr. year of high school.
2. How did he propose?
In Hawaii!  We were celebrating our 10 year anniversary.  I had no idea it was going happen, even though everyone else said it would. Some of our friends starting a pool, it was very detailed-was he down on one knee, what was he wearing, what was I wearing. He had very sneakily asked my parents and brother for my hand in marriage a few days before our trip. I should have known he was up to something, but didn’t because a few months prior we discussed the best thing to do before getting engaged would be finishing our Graduate degrees. Our engagement was perfect…the two of us and 6 cupcakes!
3. How did you find Veil Of Grace for bridal beauty services?
Veil of grace was highly recommended by our wedding coordinator at Gerry Ranch, her exact recommendation was “Veil of Grace, they do their makeup so natural and its not cakey. Whenever I see one of their brides their makeup is flawless, you should call them.” I’m from Pasadena and had no idea where to start looking for vendors, so I took her word for it. I knew veil of grace was the vendor I wanted after my first call with Sydney, she made me feel so comfortable and was so patient with all my questions – I must have asked about airbrush and lashes about 20 times.
4. What was your favorite part about your wedding day?
All of it!! It was such an amazing feeling seeing all our planning come to life, it’s difficult to pick just one thing. The day is just blissful. If I must choose, I’d have to choose our first look.  Sharing that moment with only my husband was so special.
5. What was your husbands reaction when he first saw you?
Jaw dropped and cried!! That of course made me cry.
6. What advice would you give our future Veil Of Grace brides?
Take a moment and look at yourself right before you walk down the aisle. Once you’re dressed and make up is done, its showtime, so looking at yourself for a min or two helps you take it all in.
7. How was your experiences with Veil Of Grace?
Veil of Grace was amazing!!! Sydney and Sarah were the best team I could have asked for. Sydney matched me up with Sarah whose energy was perfect for my bridal party vibe.

Bridal Airbrush Makeup: Sarah

Photography: Richard Clark

Venue: Gerry Ranch


A brunette beauty, Nicole was an absolute stunner in natural airbrush makeup and simple bridal curl style down hair styling.  Veil Of Grace senior airbrush makeup artist Sarah brought Nicole’s bridal beauty vision to life with a bold eyeliner and neutral toned eyeliner.  Veil Of Grace senior bridal hairstylist Paulina recreated the curl style Nicole loved during her bridal trial months earlier.  A bridal trial is a great opportunity to try out your beauty ideas with a professional before the eve of your big day.

We hope you enjoy these inspirational photos!


Makeup : #VOGsarah

Hair : #VOGpaulina

Venue: @camarilloranchevents

Planning + Styling: @cynthiaalexanderevents

Photography: @teresamariephotos

Videography: @stilltalkingproductions

Florals: @emilyreynoldsdesign

Ribbon: @illumesilks

Cake + Desserts: @sugarlabbakeshop

Rentals: @partypleasers

Hair + MU: @veilofgrace

Catering: @djscaliforniacatering

DJ: @voxdjs

Photo booth: @voxdjsphotobooths

Lighting: Wendee’s Occasions



We are beyond flattered that Victoria choose the Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team to be an important part of her wedding day.  Flying in from Europe just days before her celebration, there was no time for the traditional bridal trial.  That didn’t seem to bother Victoria because she was confident that VOG was the right choice for her bridal airbrush makeup and updo hairstyling.  What a compliment!  I hope you enjoy these bonus pictures of their charming first look moments.

Makeup and Hair: #VOGjacqueline

Photography: Art is for Lovers

Kelsea envisioned an enchanting celebration by the San Clemente ocean for her special day.  With a classical updo, accented by a beaded headband, and soft natural airbrush makeup she was certainly a beauty to behold.  I hope you enjoy these inspirational photos.  This might be you one day, looking out over the ocean before you say yes to the biggest question you will ever be asked.  Congratulation Kelsea, we wish you a wonderful marriage.

Lead VOG artist: #VOGvanessa
bridal party VOG Artists : #VOGphoebe #VOGrosy
Photography : Tony Wodarck @tonywodarck
Venue: Casa Romantica @casaromanticaweddings
Video: Sam De Leon & Deana De Leon @s_deleon & @deanacake
Second Shooter: Jordan Kudla @jordankudla
Florist: Shannon O’Neill @cargo_creative
Coordinator: Cori @eventsbycori
Food – Iva Lee’s @ivaleescatering
Hair and makeup: Veil of Grace @veilofgrace

Here is a great candid photo of Lead Veil Of Grace Airbrush Makeup and Hairstylist Jessica locking in the perfect bridal updo.  Bridal hairstyling is much more than a couple quick braids and haphazard bobby pins!  An experienced bridal hairstylist will ensure that your hairstyle will not only look good for the ceremony but last through the night.  Nobody wants their hair to fall apart on the dance floor!

A great way to decide how you would like to wear your hair on your wedding day is to schedule a bridal trial.  During this time you will have the opportunity to discuss with your bridal hairstylist the pros and cons of your interested looks.  Lets face it, what looks good on Pinterest might not always be the best choice for your style and personality.  Don’t wait until the “day of” to decide last minute on a hairstyle;  book a bridal trial today!

Bridal Makeup and Hair: #VOGJessica 
Bridal Party: #VOGrosy #VOGalijeanrose
planning + design: @lunawilddesign
photo: @meganeguerrero
video: @honeybunchco
florals: @layeredvintage
food: @amihoexperience
bar: @barcon_
rentals: @hostesshaven
paper goods: @twinkleandtoast
lounges: @adorefolklore
tables, chairs, lights: @stecklaireventco
photobooth: @amigobooth

Our San Diego #VOGbride, Erica, was more gorgeous than ever on her wedding day thanks to lead artist, Rosy. In a modest lace gown and a bright floral headpiece she was the epitome of boho chic wowing us all! Airbrushed neutrals and a mauve lip highlighted her natural beauty while a side braid completed this breathtaking look. The ceremony took place at the La Estancia Hotel amidst sunshine and California greenery. It was such an honor to be a part of these special, stunning moments!



Photography – @katiebranch

Venue// catering – @estancialajolla

Planning+Design – @The_Joy_Parade

Floral – @LayeredVintage

Furniture Rental – @wittyrentals // @classicparty

Tabletop Rental – @hostesshaven

Band – Essence Entertainment

DJ – @sleepinggiantmusic

Desserts – @heytherecupcake_

Ceremony Living wall – @Instantjungleinternational

Videographer – @KLfilms

Hair + Makeup – @veilofgrace

Lighting – Five Star A/V

Veil Of Grace had such a blast coming up with three fun festival looks to inspire Coachella goers. Magali and Samantha styled our models actress Kelli Goss, Casey David and Tashia McIntosh using chunky glitter, body bling, and face jewels sponsored by The Gypsy Shrine.

Loop a gold chain and add some bright extensions for unique, two-toned braids or tie off the ends with a vivid color. Include a pop of blue to your space buns or some sparkle to your roots for even more shine. Don’t forget bold hues and winged liner to give off your best desert vibe. We hope your Coachella Weekends shimmer with such sun and beauty! Enjoy!

Photography : Becca Rillo

Models : Kelli Goss , Casey David, Tashia McIntosh

Body Jewelry and Glitter : Gypsy Shrine

Makeup : Veil Of Grace #VOGmagali #VOGsamantha

Videography : The Wedel Collective



The Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team was honored to be asked to participate in an exclusive Crate & Barrel Wedding Event.  This invite only event was hosted at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA for engaged couples to meet wedding vendors.  Crate & Barrel opened the store two hours early to allow couples a peaceful meet and greet experience.

As couples were deciding which knife set they would like their in-laws to buy for them, they also got the opportunity to personally meet VOG owner Samantha #VOGsamantha, VOG senior airbrush makeup artist Sarah #VOGsarah and VOG manager Sydney.  As the registry filled up, brides checked two more things of their wedding list, hair and makeup services!   As you can see below brides took full advantage of their chance to meet our team and try our bridal clip-in hair extensions.

What a wonderful event in such a relaxing environment.  For more information about Crate & Barrel events please visit their website.  In the meantime, check out these behind the scenes photos below!

Photo: @jordangalindophoto
Design + Planning: @detailsdarling
Florals: @shindigchic
Calligraphy: @doubledippedcalligraphy
Hair + Makeup: @veilofgrace
Desserts: @sweetnsaucyshop
Donuts: @donutprincessla 
​Photobooth: @thephotobarr​

Xochitl and David’s wedding remains one of the most romantic and unforgettable. The epitome of glamour in THM clip-in hair extensions and an Ines Di Santo gown, our #VOGbride married at The Athenaeum in Pasadena last summer. Each detail of the celebration was timeless and traditional, including her classic Hollywood waves by #VOGpaulina and glowing makeup by #VOGsarah.

It was a dream to work with such a stunning, natural beauty. Last month, this special day was featured on Grey Likes Weddings and we’re happy to share more images below for your future inspiration! Enjoy!


Photographer: Brooke Boroughs Photography
Coordination: Honeyfitzevents
Blooms: Lark Farnum Design
Venue: Caltech Events
Hair & MUA: Veil Of Grace
Rentals: LA Best Rental
DJ: Vox Djs
Cake: Crust and Crumble Bakery

The first picture says it all! How cute are these retro inspired house gowns for wedding makeup and hair prep.  What a unique reflection of the bride Jessica’s style and personality.  It is little touches like these that really make the “morning of” unforgettable.  Bridal beauty preparation can be an exciting opportunity to spend time with your best friends before the most important day of your life.  It is not often that you have all your girls together, make the most of it!

Photography: Michael Anthony Photography

Makeup and Hair: Veil Of Grace

Coordination: Tricia Dahlgren Events

Venue: Newhall Mansion

Emily of Emily Magers Photography and Dawn Charles created a space for girlboss photographers to learn and expand their creativity together across the United States. And Veil of Grace was thrilled to provide striking bridal makeup and hair for their Cultivate Workshop in Palm Springs, CA last November.

From fancy braids and sleek waves to daring earth tones, our founder, #VOGSamantha, made each model glow with elegance for the styled shoots.  Both stand-in brides showcase the beauty of neutrals and the ongoing popularity of bolder wedding day looks. We’re still feeling inspired by the experience and invite you to enjoy some of our favorite images below!

Photography : Emily Magers

Workshop: @cultivateworkshop
Emily Magers: @emily.magers
Dawn Charles: @dawn.charles
Florals: @rootedflorals
Engagement model Caleb & Stefanie: @unshakablecrown
Styling: @kelseyraedesigns
Dresses: @theenglishdept
Make up & hair: @veilofgrace
Wedding Models Rachael & Andrew: @rachelreinertstudio @phacebook
Video: @leocabal
Stationary: @twinkleandtoast
Crown: @thecrowncollective
Rentals: @Circarentals
Rings: @Trumpetandhorn
Glasswear: @Prettyvintagerentals
Swag Vendors:
Bags: @finelifeco
Wood boxes: @makeandstow
Rolelrs: @shopmonta
Print: @jenessawait
Cards/waxseal: @twinkleandtoast

When our #VOGbride Makayla married in Orange County at the Dana Point Marriott in a plunging, lace-detailed Essense of Australia gown last September, everything about her wedding day was perfect! We’re still celebrating her romantic braided up-do, bold liner and bright lip color that salon owner Samantha styled. She was truly a vision alongside the serene water and her loving husband.

How did you and your husband meet?

We met in college through a few classes together & were reconnected years later. But our true Love Story began late one evening at Cheesecake Factory as we talked for hours over an appetizer and a beer. To put the cherry on top of a magical evening, as Justen opened the car door for me at the end of the night, a stranger approached me and stated “he’s a “keeper”. From that night on, Justen was adamant, and told all of his friends that he was going to marry me one day… so one summer night he decided to make that dream a reality.

Tell us about your proposal? 

On July 30, 2016 Justen took MaKayla on a surprise date that involved taking her to the top of Los Angeles, their future place of residence for years to come, using the elevator of the US Bank Building. Justen and MaKayla’s dream since day one has been to “make the world feel small together” so he couldn’t think of a better way to create that feeling than 73 stories above downtown Los Angeles, where he chose to take a knee on the balcony overlooking Los Angeles and make a life time commitment to his sweetheart. She said YES!

How did find Veil Of Grace?

I have been getting my hair done with Samantha for several years, so when it came time to pick a hair/make-up artist for my wedding day….there was only one choice!

What was your favorite part about your wedding day?

I am not sure either of us could pick one favorite piece of our day as every moment was incredible beyond words can explain. Getting ready with my bridesmaids was such an amazing time as I saw their support and love for both Justen and I. The tears we of happiness we all cried as I practiced my vows or put on my dress was an unforgettable experience. My first look at Justen when I was about to walk down the aisle was magical to say the least. And of course…officially becoming his wife and having our first kiss was breathtaking!!! Hearing the words “Mr. & Mrs. Gorski” is quite an appealing thing.

On the wedding day, what was your husband’s reaction when he first saw you?

We planned this moment so we each had a minute to look at one another and enjoy everything around us. I walked up the stairs as he faced away. Once I reached the top (where the aisle began), he turned around and every single thing around the both of us didn’t exist anymore. He smiled with tear filled eyes as I had the biggest grin on my face. It was truly a magical moment (I recommend every couple to stop for a few moments before walking down the aisle to look at the love of your life),

If you could give any advice to our future brides, what would you want them to know.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with planning and perfection. The only deadlines that matter are your own, not what others say and whatever goes wrong throughout planning, is a blessing in disguise to lead you to an even better decision. Things will go wrong on your wedding day, if you don’t stress about it, those things will just be part of the day and something to laugh about. J

Go with the flow & have fun…remember, this day is about marrying the love of your life!!! And most importantly…ENJOY EVERY MOMENT. Most people will tell you the day flashes by, but if you plan/take moments to take in each piece, then it won’t, and you’ll be able to look back on almost every moment of beautiful wedding day (plus be one of the few brides who doesn’t say “it flashes by in an instant”) .

We would love to hear how your experience was with Veil Of Grace. 

VOG was incredible. Myself, bridesmaids, and mother/mother-in-law were all ready an hour and a half before we needed to be which allowed us to relax, have champagne and just enjoy each other’s company. This contributed to a non-stressful in so many ways…not to mention everyone looked like a goddess!!!


Photography : Love Sprung Photography

Videography : Ammari Productions

Makeup and Hair : Veil Of Grace

Dress : Bella Wedding Bridal

Ceremony Location : Dana Point Marriott

Reception Location : Breakwater Events

Ashley’s wedding at Camarillo Ranch last summer was bright and stunning. We were so happy to be a part of her incredible day! Veil of Grace founder, Samantha, did airbrush makeup and hairstyling for the bride using Temptu and Hot Tools, while the VOG beauty team assisted with beautifying the bridal party and mother.

The decor reflected Ashley’s love for country–just look at this cowgirl’s boots! As sparkling as her smile, and as bold as her Mac Cosmetics liner. It’s such a dream to be able to provide our services to the most beautiful, lively women. Seeing how everything comes together from the contour to the curls to the pastel hues and bouquets is truly moving. Thankful to share moments like these with our gorgeous clients!


Photography : L Marie Photo

Makeup and Hair : Veil Of Grace

Venue : Camarillo Ranch

Coordination : Tricia Dahlgren Events

We were so thrilled to provide our services for Kiley’s remarkable wedding at Cielo Farms in Malibu, CA. Our lead artist Sarah did airbrush makeup complete with warm, soft tones and bold lashes while Paulina, Magali, Ali and Jamie helped glamorize the whole bridal party!

These stunning photos capture this natural beauty and her love story so perfectly. Looking back, we’re still smiling at how the happy couple was celebrated surrounded by such a dreamy setting. To help you with your future planning, we asked Kiley to share some tips and memories of the day below!

What was your favorite part about your wedding day: Our favorite part of our wedding day was having all of our favorite people in one place.
What was your husbands reaction when he first saw you:  My husband had a huge grin when he saw me.
How was your experience with Veil Of Grace My experience with Veil of Grace leading up to the wedding and on the day of the wedding was incredible.  Sydney made the wedding process feel so easy… she made a flawless schedule and I felt so confident that we would be on time.  All seven of my bridesmaids and the two moms loved their hair and make-up!! Seriously, there wasn’t one person who wasn’t happy with their service.  We also had so much fun time getting ready with Sarah, Paulina, Magali, Jamie, and Ali!!  
What tips would you give our future brides about makeup and hair – Do a trial run and be honest during the trial about what you would like to change.

Photography : Lucas Rossi Photography 

Venue : Cielo Farms

Makeup : Veil Of Grace

Cake : Susie Cakes Bakery

Rentals : Premiere Rentals

Coordination and Florals : Chloe and Mint

DJ : Red Shoe La

Videography: Bride and Zoom Films

Veil of Grace founder, Samantha, made Kristen more stunning than ever for her wedding at the Newhall Mansion using sparkling gold shadow and bold liner. This glowing bride was truly a dream to work with. Her vivid smile and natural beauty were so easy to highlight, while her love for professional baseball player of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Scott Alexander, filled the day with that fairytale feeling of happily ever after.

To complete her elegant look we framed her face with loose curls and pinned the rest into a low chignon wrapped in delicate baby’s breath. The epitome of boho-chic, Kristen wowed us all as soon as she stepped into her fitted lace gown. And the rest isn’t history, but rather the beginning of this perfect couple’s story. One we’ll remember being a part of, always.


Photography : William Innes Photography

Florals : Acton Creative Flowers

Videography : Matrimony Films

Makeup and Hair : Veil Of Grace

Venue : Newhall Mansion

We absolutely loved being a part of Allison’s wedding at the beautiful McCormick Ranch in Camarillo! Take a look at these beautiful behind the scenes photos of her bridal prep and wedding details! Our lead artist Ali did Allison’s bridal airbrush makeup. Our Veil Of Grace Beauty Team also dolled up her bridal party’s makeup and hair.

How did me and my husband meet?
-We met through a mutual friend in high school. Although we went to rival high schools in Santa Clarita, me (Valencia) and Loy (Hart) knew from the moment we started dating this was going to be something special! After countless high school dances, graduations, college, and the start of “adulting,” we decided to tie the knot almost 8 years later!
How did he propose?
-Although I find out everything, and I mean EVERYTHING Loy tries to hide from me, he completely surprised me! He asked a family friend to take some picutres of us at Bridgeport Lake (where we had taken so many high school dance pictures)! He told me it was for the friend’s portfolio, and I still can’t believe I believed him! On the day he popped the question, I asked, “are you sure you aren’t going to propose?,” Loy denied it and I fell for it AGAIN! With the perfect lighting and not another soul around, he got down on one knee and said some nice things that neither one of us can remember and I of course said YES! After we went straight to one of our favorite restaurants  Wolf Creek and both of our entire families were there! Although his immediate family knew it was going to happen, only my parents on my side knew, so it was so fun surprising my whole family!
How did you come to find Veil of Grace?
-I met Sam at the Wolf Creek Brewery Wedding event. One of my best friends Anna had Sam as a hairdresser and raved about her talent. Her team’s pictures online and social media of their past work completely sold me. 
What was the favorite part about your wedding day?
-My favorite part of my day, besides feeling completely beautiful was being married by the same person that married my parents over 25 years ago. To have all of his marriage advice, guidance and blessings on our favorite day was amazing. Also, it rained briefly when  everyone was on our dance floor,  and everyone stayed dancing… that was SO cool!!
How was your experience with Veil of Grace?
-My experience with VOG was 100% amazing. The team showed up on time and were able to get through my 8 bridesmaids, 2 aunts, 2 moms, and 1 grandma all within a matter of hours, and everyone looked perfect. It was great to have a full schedule weeks before so that there were no questions about who was getting what done and at what time. It allowed the day to run so smoothly. I even had some bridesmaids add some additional services and the team was able to accommodate that without any problems. 
What tips would you tell future Brides about makeup and hair?
-To the future brides, remember it is your one day to feel your most beautiful and have 1,000,000 pictures to look back  on. Pick makeup and hair that doesn’t require any thinking on your special day, you’ll have a few other things on your mind! VOG allowed every moment of my getting ready experience to run seamlessly. And I felt completely gorgeous beyond my grand exit!
What was your husband’s reaction when he first saw you?
-Oh husband!!! That  is still so fun to hear!!!! His reaction was instant tears, along with every other groomsman!!! A bride’s true dream 🙂 


Photography : Laura Moll Photography

Makeup and Hair : Veil Of Grace

Venue : McCormick Ranch

Flowers : Stacey’s Petals and Stems

Wedding Dress : Catherine Deane 

It looks like Shannon had a fun morning getting ready for her wedding day! And how cute is her little puppy too!? Our artists Jamie and Ali dolled up Shannon and her bridal party for her wedding day in Ventura, CA.  Check out these beautiful photos from her bridal prep to her first look with her now husband.


Photography : Angelica Marie Photography

Makeup and Hair : Veil Of Grace

Venue : Wedgewood Sterling Hills

Florals : Valley Oak Bloom

Our lead artist Jessica from San Diego applied gorgeous airbrush makeup and hair styling for this styled shoot! We were so excited to be a part of this new wedding venue in San Diego, located on Bankers Hill adjacent to Balboa Park. If you have not checked out Britt Scripps Inn, you must. They have a gorgeous bridal suite to get ready in, and there is plenty of room for your whole bridal party and family to stay the night. Check out the beautiful photos of the behind the scenes bridal prep for the styled shoot.


Makeup and Hair : Veil Of Grace

Photography : Eric Killingsworth

Venue: Britt Scripps Inn

We were so excited to be a part of Kathryn’s wedding in Temecula! She was such a gorgeous bride. Our San Diego lead artist Rosy dolled up this beautiful bride to be! Here are some behind the scenes of Kathryn’s bridal prep and her gorgeous BHLDN dress from Anthropology.


Wedding Gown| Amalia by Eddy K | BHLDN Boutique by Anthropologie
Videographer | Ryan Films SD
Cake | Bo Cakes
Bridesmaids & Groosmen Attire | David’s Bridal 
Invitations | Wedding Paper Divas
Photo Booth | S’more Play
Ceremony Strings | Oceanside String Quartet

Jessa was a gorgeous bride on her wedding day! She was such a natural beauty, we wanted to emphasize her style with a soft and elegant makeup look. Here are some behind the scenes photos of her bridal prep at the lovely Newhall Mansion. How adorable is the photo of her mother and sisters swooning over their first look of the bride.

Photography : Teri B Photography

Venue : Newhall Mansion

Florals : Acton Creative Flowers

Makeup and Hair : Veil Of Grace

Wedding Dress : BHLDN

Coordination : Tricia Dahlgren Events

I enjoyed getting to know Kalen through her bridal trial process. She was so sweet and straight to the point. This bride knew exactly what she wanted for her makeup and hair on her wedding day. I fell in love with her gorgeous wedding photos (curtesy of Brooke Borough.. she is amazing!). So I just had to share some behind the scenes of Kalen’s bridal prep, along with other wedding day details. She married the love of her life with her two beautiful daughters. Check out how adorable they are!



Photography : Brooke Borough Photography

Florals : Emily Reynolds Design

Coordination : Paper Heart Events

Venue : McCormick Home Ranch

Makeup and Hair : Veil Of Grace

Wedding Dress : Pebbles Bridal

I just had to share some behind the scenes photos from Vallery’s bridal prep. Her wedding photos are too good to not share with you! Her bridal prep was done at the Hyatt in Valencia, CA. Vallery has naturally gorgeous long hair that was curled and set, to prolong her hairstyle throughout the day. Airbrush makeup was a must for the all day event. As you can see, the airbrush makeup created a flawless finish on her beautiful skin. Individual lashes were applied for a natural, yet full look to help accentuate her gorgeous brown eyes. The bride wanted a soft smokey eye, and I think this was the perfect fit for her look and style.


Photography : Michael Anthony Photography

Wedding Dress : Maggie Sottero Designs

Makeup and Hair : Veil Of Grace

Venue : Saint Johns Baptist Church

Marissa’s behind the scenes bridal prep photos were just too gorgeous to not share!  The Newhall Mansion has a stunning bridal suite for the bride and all of her bridal party to get ready in.  Our lead artists Sarah and Kerri did Marissa’s airbrush makeup and hairstyling for her wedding day.

Photography : Danto Photography | Venue : Newhall Mansion | Coordination : Tricia Dahlgren Events | Florist : Celebrate | Makeup and Hair : Veil Of Grace | Cake : Jill’s Cake | Rentals : 24-7 Events

My name is Samantha Piercy, and I am the owner of Veil Of Grace.  It’s hard to believe, but I have been in the beauty industry for over 13 years now.  While working in a full service salon my first eight years in the industry, I started to gravitate towards bridal makeup and hairstyling.  I quickly fell in love with airbrush makeup for its unique qualities brides have come to love.  After a few years of growing my bridal business, I knew I needed to develop a team of artists that shared my passion for beautifying brides.

I now am the proud director of an amazing team of talented artists who would love to be a part of your wedding day!  I can confidently guarantee that each bride will be in great hands with the makeup artists and hairstylists on the team.  Each team member brings a excellent mix of artistic talent, experience and professionalism.

The Veil Of Grace Beauty Team has been servicing weddings in Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Thousand Oaks and Ventura County.  The team is expanding to Orange County, San Diego and Temecula. VOG is also excited to announce an exclusive partnership with THM Extensions. We will now be offering clip-in extensions for all our future brides!

Photography : L Marie Photo

Videography : The Wedel Collective

The Veil Of Grace Beauty Team had a great opportunity to work with some amazing wedding vendors in the San Diego area; and let me tell you how talented these people are! From the coordination, to the florals and photography, these vendors had all the creative juices flowing. And how cool is this new venue in Tijuana, Mexico!? Check out photos from our styled shoot below. Our San Diego Artist Rosy did airbrush makeup and hairstyling on the beautiful model.

design + planning: Luna Wild Design
florals: Bloom Babes
venue: One Bunk , San Diego
photo magic: Gantes.Co
hair + makeup: Veil Of Grace
paper goods: Odd Daughter Co
table top goodies: Hostess Haven

Published On Green Wedding Shoes

Our gorgeous bride Skylar was married at the beautiful Gardens at Los Robles in Thousand Oaks, CA. The Veil Of Grace Beauty Team’s lead artists Sarah and Kerri beautified our bride. The team also dolled up her fabulous bridal party. We are loving her gorgeous wedding dress with the gold shimmer details at the bottom! And her flowers are to die for, gorgeous would be an understatement. The bride had airbrush makeup and tousled curls for her wedding day. We were so honored to be a part of your special day, and wish you and your husband all the happiness!

Photography: Chard Photography | Venue: The Gardens at Los Robles | Florist: Lavenders Flowers | Wedding Dress: Truvelle | Makeup and Hair : Veil Of Grace | Bridesmaid Dresses : David’s Bridal | Event Coordination : Kelly Melo | Design : The Bride ( The Food Artist ) | Videographer : Amari Productions  | Photo-booth : Kiki Booth

The Veil Of Grace Beauty Team paired up with William Innes Photography and the gorgeous Ebell of Los Angeles for this styled shoot. Our lead artist Jacqueline dolled up this beautiful model with airbrush makeup and hairstyling. Check out these beautiful photos! And how stunning is this venue!

Photography : William Innes

Venue : Ebell Los Angeles

Makeup and Hair : Veil Of Grace

I loved all of Danielle’s wedding photos so much that I just had to share more of them on our blog! The Veil Of Grace beauty team was hired to doll up the bride and her bridal party with airbrush makeup. Our lead artist, Sarah did makeup on Danielle for her wedding day. The bride was married at the beautiful Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes. Here are some behind the scenes of Danielle’s bridal prep and her bridal party.


Photography : Brooke Borough Photography |Coordination : Festive Event Planning | Flowers : Oak Barrel and Bloom Co. |Bridal Salon : Lovely Bride | Bridesmaids Dress : Show me Your MuMu | Bridal Makeup : Veil Of Grace | Featured on : Magnolia Rouge | Videography : Forestry Films | Venue: Ceremony: Wayfarer’s Chapel; Reception: Private Estate | Bride’s Gown: Nicole Miller  | Bride’s Shoes: Vince | Groom’s Attire: J. Crew | Catering: Whoa Nelly Catering | Rentals: Town & Country | Vintage Glassware: Otis & Pearl | Linen Rentals: La Tavola Fine Linen |Lighting: Islay Events |  DJ: Dart DJs

Kristen decided to have her engagement photos done on the same day as her bridal trial. This is a great way to see how your makeup photographs professionally and how long your hair will last. Airbrush makeup is a must especially for beach weddings and engagement shoots. Kristen lives in Arizona since her fiance travels all over playing in the MLB. Our soon to be bride is having a destination wedding here in California, and the Veil Of Grace Beauty Team are so excited to be a part of it.

Photography by William Innes

Makeup and Hair by Veil Of Grace

Brittany was married on a gorgeous beach in Dana Point, California. Our lead artist MJ did the bride’s airbrush makeup and Paulina styled the bride’s hair.  Sarah also beautified the bridal party with airbrush makeup. Here are some of the behind the scenes photos of the bride and bridal party enjoying the morning of in the bride’s lovely family home on the beach.

Photography : Emily Magers

Hannah hired the Veil Of Grace Beauty Team to travel to the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA to do her wedding makeup and hair. The team also dolled up the bridal party, mother of the bride and a few family members who flew in from England.  Hannah was an absolutely gorgeous bride! Below are a few behind the scenes photos from her bridal prep and reception.  Hannah was married at Catalina View Gardens.

 Photography by Elysium Photography

Bridal Prep : Terranea Resort

Wedding Venue : Catalina View Gardens

I have known Heather for almost 12 years. We met right out of high school and have been great friends since. We have both been there for each other through all of our dating ups and downs. Thank goodness for the internet, because this is how we both found our amazing husbands.  I remember Heather lighting up when talking about Nick. I got to witness their relationship blossom from dating, to being engaged, to standing by her side while she married the man of her dreams. I even got to doll up my best friend on her wedding day! She was such a stunning bride. I am so happy to share some of the behind the scenes makeup photos from the morning of the wedding day.

Photography : Michael Anthony Photography

Coordination : Tricia Dahlgren Weddings and Events

Makeup and Hair : Veil Of Grace

Flowers : Celebrate

Dj : Oh Watta Night Entertainment

Venue : Westlake Village Inn


Caitlyn’s bridal prep was held at the Westlake Village Inn.  The Veil Of Grace Beauty Team had four artists there to beautify the bride and all of her bridal party.  We love her natural red hair and radiant elegance.  Take a look at some of her behind the scenes photos of her bridal prep. We were so happy to be a part of your wedding day!

Photography : Nick Charrow

Venue : Gerry Ranch

Samantha has known Michelle for years!  Not only has she been a great hair client of Samantha, but a dear friend as well.  We were so happy that she wanted to book Veil Of Grace for her wedding day!  Our beauty team made sure to take great care of her and her bridal party!  Michelle was married at a private home in Sand Canyon.  Her wedding was every bit of tropical bohemian goodness!  We are loving all of her wedding details, check them out below!

Photography by Ashley Burns

Flowers by Acton Creative Flowers

Mary was wed at the gorgeous Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Simi Valley, CA.  She hired the Veil Of Grace beauty team to do airbrush makeup and hairstyling for her and her bridal party.  Five bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and the bride had their hair and makeup done in the quaint cottage on the property.  Mary had a very romantic rustic wedding on a beautiful California spring day.  She was a stunning bride!  We are swooning over her amazing photos from Brooke Boroughs Photography!  Enjoy some of the bridal prep photos below, along with some other special moments from her wedding day!

Photography By Brooke Borough 

Venue: @hummingbirdnestranch | Photography: @brooke_borough | Design & Coordination: @tdahlgrenevents | Florals: @egfloraldesign | Videographer: @bgsproductions | DJ: @90210ent – DJ Nathan | Make-up: @veilofgrace | Rentals: @arentalconnection | Catering: @commandperformancecatering | Cake: @sweetartbakesho | Wedding Dress: @lovelybride | Veil: @lovelybride | Headpiece: Olivia Vaatete Fiser | Groom’s Attire: @ted_baker | Groomsmen Attire: @dkny | Bridesmaid’s Fashion: @jennyyoonyc | Bridesmaid’s Necklaces: @goldandgray | Marble Place Settings: Brewster Marble Company | Invites: @smittenonpaper | Second Shooter: @dustinwaller

Brianna was married at the beautiful Altadena Town and County Club. Our lead artist Jessica did airbrush makeup for the lovely bride on her wedding day! Our other artists Jessica Janeen and Paulina also dolled up the bridal party with airbrush makeup and hair styling. Here are some behind the scene photos of Brianna’s bridal prep.

Photographer/Videographer: Noteworthy Weddings 

Makeup and Hair : Veil Of Grace

Florist: Poppyhill Flowers

Venue: Altadena Town & Country Club

 Dress Designer: Essense of Australia

 Shoes: Sam Edelman

We had so much fun getting to know Ashley and her mother.  These lovely ladies came to Veil Of Grace looking for a beauty team to doll up Ashley’s whole bridal party.  Ashley has gorgeous skin and never wears makeup.  She was looking for a natural look, with enough of the “bridal glow” to make her feel extra special on her wedding day.  We decided on a classic black eyeliner, and kept the color on her eyelid a natural pink tone.  We loaded a ton of individual eyelashes to make her beautiful eyes pop, but still look natural.  Her hair was styled down with a lot of body and a loose curls.  Take a look at a few more of her lovely wedding photos below.

Photography by Miki and Sonja

Coordination by Tricia Dahlgren Wedding and Events

Amanda was married at the beautiful 1909 Wedding Venue off of Topanga Canyon Road.  Samantha of the Veil Of Grace Beauty Team did airbrush makeup and individual lashes for the bride.  We are so happy for you and Jon!  Congrats on your beautiful wedding day, we wish you nothing but the best!

Photography by Meghan Klein Photography

Sarah and Jacqueline from the Veil Of Grace Beauty Team had the chance to beautify Brittney and her bridal party.  Here are a few of the behind the scenes photos from the bridal prep, with more of her gorgeous wedding photos too!  We cant get enough of this beautiful bridal party!

Photography by Emily Magers

Veil Of Grace Beauty Team had an amazing opportunity to be apart of a 4th of July styled shoot.  The team had a great collaboration with talented people within the wedding industry.  This styled shoot was even featured on Green Wedding Shoes! This styled shoot was in honor of our military and their families who continue to support their loved fighting for our country. Our couple in the styled shoot are actually married.  Carlos is in the Navy and stationed at the Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, CA .  He and his wife Kai are the proud parents of two beautiful children.


United We Stand Vendors

Venue: HNYPT

Photography: Meghan Christine Photography

Florals: Revel Petals

Event Planner: Debra Meadows Events

Rentals: Premiere Party Rentals

Video: Lucas Christenson

Makeup: Veil of Grace

Paper Goods/Calligraphy: Simply Rooted Calligraphy

Cakes: Sweet E’s Bake Shop

Macarons: Les Petits

Custom Cocktail: Zush By Design

Dress: Unique Vintage

Shoes: Louis Vuitton

Models: Kai and Carlos Frias

The Veil Of Grace team went to the beautiful Newhall Mansion in Piru, CA to beautify Lindsey and her bridal party!  Lindsey is an artist and wanted a fun, funky look for her bridal hairstyling.  On the day of her wedding we completely changed the look she had originally decided on her bridal trial.  She was looking through our company Instagram and came across a photo we had posted of a knotted mohawk.  She loved this look and decided it was just right for her wedding day!  We were so excited to do something completely different than the typical bridal hairstyling.  She totally pulled it off, and looked incredible on her wedding day!


Photography : William Innes Photography

Coordination : Tricia Dahlgren Events

MUAH : Veil Of Grace

Venue : Newhall Mansion

Rentals : 24/7 Events

Photo Booth : Photo Touch Photobooth

Wedding Dress : Hayley Paige

It is so nice to see one of our past bridesmaids now become one of our brides!  Sarah Jane was married at the beautiful Camarillo Ranch House.  Our Veil Of Grace beauty team dolled up the bride and her entire bridal party.  The bride’s soft glam look was paired with a nude lip.  Sarah also decided to wear her hair up in a loose chignon with a beautiful braid.  Sarah and her girls looked beautiful on her wedding day! Check out some of the bridal prep photos below.



Photography : Kimberlee Miller Photography

Makeup and Hair Styling : Veil Of Grace

Coordination : Vita Bella Events

Venue : Camarillo Ranch House

Flowers : Celebrate Flowers

The Veil Of Grace beauty team traveled to Simi Valley to beautify Sierra on her wedding day!  Sierra was married at an amazing barn on a private property.  The Veil Of Grace beauty team’s lead beauty artists Sarah and Jacqueline did the bride’s makeup and hairstyling.  Sierra decided on a natural soft look with airbrush makeup.  Natural coverage was complemented by individual lashes to give her already long lashes a soft wispy look.  The bride also choose a loosely curled hairstyle paired with a delicate floral crown.

Photography by Tiffany J Photography 

Makeup and Hair Styling By Veil Of Grace

Florals by Gilded Flora

Veil Of Grace had an amazing opportunity to travel to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to beautify one of our lovely brides!  We get so excited to be asked to travel to do what we love!  We stayed at the beautiful Cabo Azul Resort, to help the bride, Tricia, get ready for her wedding day!  The Veil Of Grace team did hairstyling for the bride, her family, and all attending guests.  Tricia was married in a custom black wedding dress and all the guests wore black, grey, or white.  She looked gorgeous at the alter in front of a breathtaking backdrop.  We were so happy to be a part of her and Richie’s unforgettable wedding day!  We got to tag along on all the wedding festivities and share in the love that these two have for one another.  Check out some of the behind the scenes photos below!

Photography : William Innes Photography

HairStyling : Veil Of Grace

Venue : Cabo Azul

When one of our very own team members gets married, we can not help but be over the moon for her! Paulina is one of the lead hair stylists for the Veil Of Grace beauty team.  Of course when she needed makeup and hair for her own wedding, she turned to the amazing beauty team she knows best, Veil Of Grace!  Paulina is such a natural beauty; so we were especially excited to get the chance to glam her up for her wedding day.  Take a look at some of the behind the scenes photos of her bridal prep!



Photography : Emily Magers Photography

There were so many great photos from Kailey’s wedding, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few.  I love sharing the “behind the scenes” photos of a bride’s wedding day.  You really get a chance to see the Veil Of Grace Beauty Team in action.  Kailey got married at beautiful, relatively new, wedding venue, Gerry Ranch in Camarillo, California.  This intimate and chic setting is run by a very sweet father and daughter duo.  On the property is a bridal suite that my team and I were able to do all the bridal prep.  Check out some of the photos below!

Photography: Veronica Coleman

Makeup and Hair : Veil Of Grace

Venue/Flowers: Gerry Ranch

Wedding Dress: BHLDN

Ekaterina found the Veil Of Grace beauty team while searching The Knot website from her Boston home.  Even though she was thousands of miles away, she knew she found the perfect California team by VOG’s exceptional pictures and reviews.  Ekaterina was planning a gorgeous wedding to be held at the Hotel Bel Air and wanted an experienced hair and makeup team that could meet her expectations.  On a quick visit to CA to finish up the rest of her wedding planning, Kate also scheduled a bridal trial to finalize her wedding day look.

Kate chose bridal airbrush makeup to flawlessly last throughout the evening.  In light of the grand wedding venue, we decided to keep her hair simple and clean.  This classic look, with curled hair swept to one side, also accentuated her beautifully timeless wedding gown.  To add a touch of romance, she added a matte red lip.  For a special detail, tiny white flowers were placed throughout her tousled curls. The Veil Of Grace beauty team was so happy to be a part of her wedding day.


Makeup and Hair { Veil Of Grace }

Photography { Katie DeLorme }

Wedding Dress { BHLDN }

Wedding Coordinator { Alexandra Events }

We can’t get enough of Megan and Eric’s wedding at Hummingbird Nest Ranch! Below you will find some extra behind the scene photos of Meghan on her wedding day! How beautiful was the bride and her bridal party!? The VOG beauty team was honored to be a part of their wedding day!

Photography : William Innes Photography

Wedding Coordinator: Tricia Dahlgren Events

The Veil of Grace Beauty Team is comprised of licensed hair stylists and professionally trained beauty makeup artists.  Each team member has over five years of experience in the wedding industry and continues to train under Samantha Piercy, owner of Veil of Grace.  The VOG team members are continually evolving within their specialities to make any bridal client’s vision a reality.

  We do encourage each interested bride to schedule a bridal trial before your wedding day to finalize your desired hair and makeup look.  This is the perfect opportunity to try out the look and feel of your beauty choices prior to the big event.  Most brides also coordinate their bridal trial in conjunction with engagement photos or a bridal shower to maximize the service.

From the entire team, we look forward to helping you become the graceful bride of your dreams.




Photography:  LMarie Photography

Wedding Dresses:  Cruzs Bridal and Tux

Queen was so lovely to work with on her wedding day. Here is the breakdown of what we did to achieve her bridal look.

Foundation : Airbrush Temptu level 3/4

Cheeks: Airbrush Temptu Blush, and Peony

Brow: Kevyn Aucoin ash brown pencil

Eyes:  Mac-Painterly Paint Pot and Tan, and Ground Brown eyeshadow

Lips: Mac- pencil Hip N Happy

Lashes: Ardell Individuals Medium Length

Hair: Hot Tools Curling Iron 1 inch


Photography:  Michael Anthony Photography

Dolling up this lovely bride Amanda was so much fun.  She wanted soft smokey eyes with a natural lip. With eyes as stunning as her’s, this made our job easy!

This is what I used for her eye makeup.

Her eye lids were prepped and colored with a waterproof and smudge proof base (Mac, Painterly-PaintPot)

A liquid black eyeliner was placed on her top eyelids (Mac, Superslick liquid liner) .

Her lower water line was also filled in with a black waterproof cream (Smashbox, Jetset black liner).

 Her bottom eyeliner was applied with a back powder using an angle brush and softened with a dark brown eyeshadow.  This color was also used in her crease color (Mac, Ground Brown and Corduroy eyeshadow).

Individual lashes were also used to help give fullness and length (Ardell, medium length)

The Veil Of Grace team also helped with the makeup and hair styling for Amanda’s bridal party.




Photography:  Taylor Kinzie Photography

The Veil Of Grace beauty team dolled up the wonderful bride Lisa, along with her bridesmaids, and mother on her wedding day!  The wedding took place at Blomgren Ranch in Canyon Country, California. She had a whimsical country wedding with a Scottish Military twist. It was such a beautiful day, that we were honored to be a part of the celebration.

This is what the team used to achieve her bridal look.

Foundation– Temptu level 3 and 4 . This is a silicone based, airbrush product that is waterproof and sweat proof.

This foundation is guaranteed to last a minimum of 8 hours and looks amazing in photographs.

Blush– Temptu Cheek color “Blush”

Eyes– Base: Mac Paint Pot, Painterly

            Mac Eyeshadow , Tan and Swiss Chocolate, Ground Brown, Wood Winked

Liner– Mac Super-slick liquid Liner in  black

Lashes– Ardell individuals medium to small

Lips– Mac lipliner, Staunchly Stylish

            Mac Lipgloss, Boundless Beige

Hair– 1 1/4 inch Hot Tools Curling iron

Hair Spray– Shu Uemura, Sheer Laquer

Sebastian, Shaper Plus



 Photography:  Buffy Dekmar Photography


When coming in for your bridal trial, The Veil Of Grace bridal team highly recommends to coordinate the service with your engagement photos.  That way you can maximize the time and cost of having your hair and or makeup done, and more importantly see how the look photographs professionally.

This is exactly what this bride to be, Jacquelyn, decided to do.  Starting with photos of her hair and makeup inspirations, we decided on a natural look that would make her eyes really stand out.  This was her main focus, and a particular point of emphasis in her dream look.  The airbrush makeup was applied lightly for minimal, natural coverage.  Her eyelids were enhanced with a golden blush tone and liquid black eyeliner was placed around her eyes.  A rich brown powder was used to smoke out the bottom black eyeliner. Individual lashes were also placed on top of her own lashes. Her cheeks were kept a soft tan color. The finishing touch was a rose lip gloss.

Jacquelyn decided on a loose tousled hair style. A fishtail braid was also added to the side of her face.  Loose pieces of her hair was pulled out of the braid and around her hairline to soften the transition.  Her natural makeup and soft, unstructured hair delivered the bohemian look she was hoping for.

Bridal Trial Photo



Photography:  Liz Gray Photography

I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Charlotte, North Carolina to do Morgan’s bridal airbrush makeup and hair styling.  I love getting the chance to travel for weddings! She was married on Oct 4, 2014 on a working farm called Morning Glory Farm in Monroe, North Carolina. It was a perfect fall day, with all the leaves still brightly colored. With Morgan living in NC, we never had a chance to do a trial run for her makeup and hair.  We exchanged phone calls and emails with looks that she was interested in.

Morgan trusted my experience and expertise to allow me to do what I thought would be best for her.  She was such a stunning person naturally.  I knew she would be so much fun to doll up for her wedding.  I decided to apply airbrush makeup to last throughout the night.  I kept her eyelid color a soft neutral tone. To make her beautiful green eyes pop, I lined her eyes with black liquid liner.  I blended the liner with a soft black powder to give her a subtle smokey look.  I choose individual lashes, that gave her a natural look. I felt that peach tones would be great on her cheeks, lips, and skin.  I finished the look with a soft champagne shimmer glow on her cheeks, to help give her the dewey bride look.  Morgan’s hair was set with curls, and the top half of her crown was teased to give her the fullness she wanted.  All her curls were swept to the side, to achieve a romantic look.


Photography: Cindy McFarland Photography

Now that you are engaged, let the wedding planning process begin!  Planning a wedding is a very exciting time, but can also be overwhelming as you navigate through all the logistics of the event.  As you begin to research a hair and makeup team for your wedding, you want to make sure they understand your unique vision, and have the experience and expertise to bring it to life.  To help you make the best choice for your memorable day, take a minute to read these tips for choosing the right bridal beauty team.

The Do’s and Dont’s when booking a makeup artist and hair stylist.

1.  Do your research on who you are interested in booking, including their website, reviews, and photos.

~  Do not book someone without knowing their training and experience.

2.  Do a trial run for your makeup and hair styling 6 months prior to your wedding.  This will provide an actual experience for what your “wedding day” makeup and hair could possibly look like.

~  Do not have a friend, whom could be inexperienced in the beauty industry, do your makeup and hair.  If you book your bridal trial in advance, you should have plenty of time to find someone else if you are not happy with the service.

3.  Do coordinate your bridal trial on the day of your engagement shoot, bridal shower, dress fitting, or a special night out with the girls.  This way you can maximize the cost of having your hair and makeup professionally done.

~  Do not go home and wash your face right away.  Actually see how long the makeup lasts throughout the day.  We encourage you to also take photos and see how your makeup and hair photographs.

4. Do make sure your makeup artist and hair stylist provides a contract of all services that are provided on your wedding day.

~  Do not leave without a contract. You do not want any last minute expenses that are unexpected, such as travel, hotel, assistants, and touch ups.

5.  Do ask if your vendor will provide assistants if they are needed for additional services for your bridal party.

~  Do not assume that one person can do hair and makeup for a whole bridal party.  You do not want services left incomplete and potentially be late for your own wedding.

6.  Do ask if the makeup artist or hair stylist will travel to you, or if they assume you are coming to them.  Get details on any “travel fee” cost.  

~  Do not assume that travel, hotel, parking and gratuity is included in the services unless stated.

The Veil Of Grace team will make sure that your wedding day goes smoothly.  We are extremely thorough with our clients and their contracts.  This ensures that every service is accounted for and there are no last minute charges. We take great responsibility in making sure the bride and bridal party feel their absolute best.  Let us help you become the bride of your dreams.



When Jamielee was searching for a hair and makeup artist for her destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, there were a number of important factors to consider.  The hair and makeup artist would not only have to meet her expectations and budget concerns but also be willing and able to travel internationally.  The Veil of Grace team was exactly what Jamielee was looking for, and excited to be apart of such an amazing event!

No matter what venue they choose, all brides are looking for flawless makeup that will last the whole ceremony, and Jamielee was no exception.  With Veil of Grace owner Samantha Singer’s advanced training in airbrush makeup, each bride can achieve that perfect balance between beauty and functionality.  Airbrush makeup is a silicon based product that is sweat proof, waterproof, and very light weight on the skin.
After an initial consultation and trial run, Jamielee and Samantha came up with the perfect look; light skin coverage, grey smokey eyes, individual lashes, natural pink blush, and tinted rose colored lip gloss.  The bride’s hair was styled down with a soft wave.  In addition to Jamielee, Samantha also performed airbrush makeup and up do’s on Jamielee’s mother and three bridesmaids. The wedding was a huge success, with Jamielee’s makeup lasting through all the laughter, tears, and kisses on the cheeks. From the first stroke of the airbrush, to the wedding’s very last toast, she remained a flawless glowing bride.