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I can’t believe The Veil Of Grace Salon has been open a year!  It really seems like yesterday my husband and I visited the location on a whim and called the realtor that day about the listing.   As you can see from the before pictures it certainly took some creative imagination to turn a previous driving school office into a modern hair salon.  Yes, you did read that correctly, the salon used to be a driving school haha.  It’s bittersweet to see these photos; like looking back at your yearbook when you were in that awkward stage!  Don’t worry we all have those photos.  It’s those awkward times that really make us appreciate where we have come from.

"The Veil Of Grace Driving School"

So, what have I learned in the first year as a salon owner?  The most important lesson I’ve learned is listen to your stylists and clients!  Ultimately stylists need an efficient work space and clients expect a memorable experience.  I set out to accomplish both of these goals by building a beautiful modern salon I could be proud of and one I know both stylists and clients would appreciate.  The positive feedback I have received this year has been incredible.  Definitely makes all the hard work feel worth it!

The Veil Of Grace Salon

As the Veil Of Grace Salon celebrates its first year I would be remiss not to thank all the people involved.  First and foremost my supportive husband.  This past year has been an absolute whirlwind of new challenges with the birth of our first child and the opening of our first brick and mortar location.  What were we thinking haha!  I know this is cliche but I literally couldn’t, or more honestly wouldn’t have opened the salon without your encouragement, guidance and perseverance.

I also would like to thank the Veil Of Grace Manager Sydney for your inspiring work ethic and unwavering passion for customer service.  I attribute every positive review we have received this past year to you!  You are the reason clients and brides alike have recommended Veil Of Grace.  I cannot thank you enough for the time and energy you have invested in creating the Veil Of Grace experience.

Lastly, but certainly not least, a special thank you to all the Veil Of Grace Salon Stylists.  Every single one of you took a chance on me and I will never forget that.  I am completely humbled by your faith in me and look forward to helping you grow as artists in the years to come!

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