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If this is your first time, or your 117th time having your hair professionally colored, chances are you don’t properly know how to maintain your color-treated hair.  Don’t worry I’m not trying to be mean, I am here to help you save money! We all know that a salon visit can be an investment, or as our husbands like to say “expensive”; so do yourself a favor and learn how to protect that investment!

Proper maintenance will not only keep your hair color vibrant, as your salon hairstylist intended, but also extend the life of your hair color.  Below I have outlined five of the absolute best suggestions you’ll need to keep your hair looking fabulous weeks after your hair appointment.

1. Wait at least 72 hours after coloring to shampoo your hair.  For those of us that aren’t too keen on math that’s 3 days!  The reason for this, without boring you with a bunch of hair science, is that your hair cuticle is open during color treatment (to accept the color) and can take up to three days to close.  If you shower too soon after your appointment, you are quite literally flushing money down the drain!

2. Wash your hair less often and rinse with cooler water.  Okay, I get it, a cold shower doesn’t sound relaxing.  Believe me I love a hot shower as much as you do but it isn’t good for your color-treated hair.  Don’t kill the messenger here but your hair cuticles open in hot water and release that precious color you invested in.  Remember what I said about flushing money down the drain? If your taking a hot shower every night, we will see you back in the salon sooner than you think 😉  My advice, wash with warm (not hot) water and rinse with cooler water.

3. Use a salon quality shampoo and conditioner.  I know what you are thinking, “of course she is going to try and sell me expensive salon products.”  The reason your hair stylist suggest buying salon quality products (like EVO!) is because they are guaranteed free of sulfates, parabens, dea, tea and proplyene glycol.  These harmful chemicals are foaming detergents found in most mass produced shampoos and conditioners to “clean your hair”. The problem is these chemicals strip your hair of it’s essential natural oils, moisture and color.  Leaving your ends dry and brittle and your scalp greasy as a result of the body over producing additional oil to compensate for the loss.

4. Limit sun exposure and avoid chlorine.  Wow, first cold showers and now no summertime dips in the pool!  I know this suggestion is going to be one of the hardest ones to follow but it is just as important.  UV exposure coupled with heat can cause your hair color to lighten and fade. My advice, wear a really cute hat or use a heat protectant leave-in treatment if your hats aren’t that cute 😉  As far as the pool goes, chlorine is a bleaching agent that will strip your hair color; turning a platinum blonde into a mint green and a dimensional brunette into a dull brown. If your love for the water is too strong to avoid, lather conditioner into your wet hair before hitting the pool.  This will create a much needed barrier to the harmful effects of the chlorine.

5. Trim your hair regularly.  Yes in fact a haircut can actually help you maintain your color.  The truth is dead ends don’t hold color, so why are you waiting so long to have them removed.  I highly recommend that you schedule to have those colorless ends trimmed every 6 – 8 weeks with your hairstylist.

Well I hope these five suggestions will help you protect your color treated hair, or at the very least get you thinking about wearing a hat at the pool haha.  If you read this article completely, first of all, thank you.  I’m currently spending my Saturday writing this article in the brief amount of time my two girls are napping!  Instead of binge watching “Dead To Me” on Netflix, like I really want to, I’m sharing how you can save money at the salon!  If your looking for more professional hairstylist tips make an appointment with your Veil Of Grace Hairstylist today.

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I can probably guess you have never heard of EVO Hair products until now.  Why, because honestly neither had I until about two years ago and I live and breathe the hair industry.  Meaning I’m spending all day behind the chair and all night on instagram.  Which is exactly how I found this amazing salon exclusive product line out of Australia.

When Veil Of Grace Salon was just an idea scribbled on some loose computer paper, I decided if this dream was every going to be a reality I needed to find an all-natural and unique salon exclusive hair product line.  Instagram must have been listening to me blabber on and on about needing to find this line because an EVO Hair ad showed up in my newsfeed not long after.  Before the days of advanced ad targeting I believe this moment would have been called “fate” haha.  Thanks Zuckerberg for spying on me, it actually helped me this time, so I appreciate the assist on this one!

So just what about EVO Hair convinced me that this was the perfect product line for my new salon.  For starters, I really appreciated their honest respect for not only their consumer’s health but the health of the environment.  EVO proudly offers only products that are sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free.  If your wondering if these things are bad, they definitely are.  Not only are these chemicals bad for your hair and scalp health but their also not very environmentally friendly.  I am certainly not the greenest human on the planet but I try where I can and encourage you to do the same.

Sorry if I am boring you with just how awesome EVO’s mission to be an environmentally conscious manufacture is but they not only omit harmful ingredients but also use 100% recycled packaging and promotional materials.  I’m sure Captain Planet would be proud!  Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart…Go Planet!  If you didn’t get that reference, I’m sorry you must not be a 90’s kid.

Alright, enough of me congratulating myself on finding EVO.  Let’s get into the product line and what it has to offer you!  Veil Of Grace Salon carries the entire EVO Hair product line, including but not limited to the following categories: Face, Body, Curl, Fabuloso, Fabuloso Pro, Hydrate, Repair, Smooth, Volume and Style.  While some categories are fairly self-explanatory, I would like to touch on the Fabuloso and Fabuloso Pro products.

Evo Fabuloso are the coolest color enhancing conditioners on the market.  Available in seven shades, these conditioners can revive your color in between salon visits by boosting the intensity and shine.  As a hairstylist you would think I get my hair done all the time right.  I wish haha, but these conditioners at least make me feel like I do!  When I’m feeling a bit faded I use the Fabuloso to add a much needed color boost in under 3 minutes.

Now if you love the idea of the Fabuloso, the Fabuloso Pro takes the concept one step further.  Where the Fabuloso is limited to seven shades, the Fabuloso Pro has an unlimited number of color shades.  At the Veil Of Grace Salon your hairstylist can formulate your specific color by adding pigments to conditioner base.  How awesome is that!  You can actually take home a bottle of the your unique color to keep your hair looking its absolute best between salon visits.

For more information on EVO Hair products please ask your stylists to try something new on your hair today!

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