Ashlee Norman Hair Education: Lock Stitch Foilyage

Ashlee Norman Hair Education: Lock Stitch Foilyage

Veil Of Grace Salon was proud to host Ashlee Norman for a two day intensive education course this past month.  As a Santa Clarita native, Ashlee Norman was beyond excited to teach her lock stitch foilyage and razor cutting hair techniques to her local peers.  Not to mention, as a new mom, it’s always nice to work close to home!

Boasting over 100,000 social media followers, Ashlee Norman has developed a significant following with her technical approach to color theory and technique.  As an independent educator, she regularly travels across the United States and Canada to share her knowledge.  So it was quite a treat to have her expertise and hands on guidance in the salon.

The lock stitch foilayage class taught our stylists a coloring technique that marries a baby light and  diffused painted ends. We learned foil placement, practiced with clay lightener, and toning techniques to help achieve the perfect color melt.

Ashlee’s razor and scissor cutting class showed us how to achieve the same haircut with two very different cutting tools.  One with a straight edge razor and the other with our scissors.  Both looks helped produce texture in the hair while creating a diffused soft line instead of a blunt hair cut.  Overall the class was a success and the Veil Of Grace Salon Stylists will continue to keep learning and perfecting their craft. We hope to see you in the salon soon!