A Romantic Evening on the Ranch

A Romantic Evening on the Ranch

To learn more about Krystle’s love story and her wedding experience, we asked her a few questions.  I think the answers and photos tell the story of an amazing couple and an awesome wedding celebration.  Thanks Krystle for choosing the Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team for airbrush makeup services.  Congratulations again to your and your husband!
1. How did you and your husband meet?
Jonathan and I met in Kindergarten, we were 5 years old.  I cried every day and he made sure to try to comfort me: sometimes he carried my backpack, other times he held my hand.  Nothing helped, I cried every day through the third grade. We became the best of friends, he asked me to be his girlfriend about three times. Each time I said no. We finally started dating our Jr. year of high school.
2. How did he propose?
In Hawaii!  We were celebrating our 10 year anniversary.  I had no idea it was going happen, even though everyone else said it would. Some of our friends starting a pool, it was very detailed-was he down on one knee, what was he wearing, what was I wearing. He had very sneakily asked my parents and brother for my hand in marriage a few days before our trip. I should have known he was up to something, but didn’t because a few months prior we discussed the best thing to do before getting engaged would be finishing our Graduate degrees. Our engagement was perfect…the two of us and 6 cupcakes!
3. How did you find Veil Of Grace for bridal beauty services?
Veil of grace was highly recommended by our wedding coordinator at Gerry Ranch, her exact recommendation was “Veil of Grace, they do their makeup so natural and its not cakey. Whenever I see one of their brides their makeup is flawless, you should call them.” I’m from Pasadena and had no idea where to start looking for vendors, so I took her word for it. I knew veil of grace was the vendor I wanted after my first call with Sydney, she made me feel so comfortable and was so patient with all my questions – I must have asked about airbrush and lashes about 20 times.
4. What was your favorite part about your wedding day?
All of it!! It was such an amazing feeling seeing all our planning come to life, it’s difficult to pick just one thing. The day is just blissful. If I must choose, I’d have to choose our first look.  Sharing that moment with only my husband was so special.
5. What was your husbands reaction when he first saw you?
Jaw dropped and cried!! That of course made me cry.
6. What advice would you give our future Veil Of Grace brides?
Take a moment and look at yourself right before you walk down the aisle. Once you’re dressed and make up is done, its showtime, so looking at yourself for a min or two helps you take it all in.
7. How was your experiences with Veil Of Grace?
Veil of Grace was amazing!!! Sydney and Sarah were the best team I could have asked for. Sydney matched me up with Sarah whose energy was perfect for my bridal party vibe.
Veil Of Grace Bridal Beauty Team

Bridal Airbrush Makeup: Sarah

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Richard Clark | Venue: Gerry Ranch, Camarillo, CA


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