Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Services



Veil Of Grace Salon Hairstylists are proud to offer a variety of hair extension techniques; from specialty hand tied hair extensions to i-tip, micro bead, machine weft, SO.CAP. and DreamCatchers to name a few!  Hair extensions are the perfect way to add immediate volume and length; enhancing your hair in the most natural way available.


There are a number of factors that will determine which technique is right for you.  During your complimentary hair extension consultation, your hairstylist will help guide you towards the technique that fits your desired look.  Prices will vary depending on your hairstylist’s experience and specific technique used.


Depending on your lifestyle and budget, the 100% human hair extension product can last anywhere between 3 to 6 months before it will need to be replaced.  Moving up the hair extensions are typically done every 4 to 7 weeks depending on your hair growth.


Complimentary hair extension consultations with Veil Of Grace Salon Hairstylists are offered and encouraged.  Your initial consultation is your opportunity to discuss all of your hair goals, maintenance and price questions.